Three Eco-Friendly Things That Rock!

We have a few objects in our home that rock. I mean, rock!!! But only one of them is eco-friendly. So I researched sustainable movers and shakers to share with you. These rock and roll pieces are lovely additions to any home and are kind to our planet:

Kalon Studio’s Hut-Hut Kids Resin – $125

Made from 100% recycled sustainable resin in five eye-popping colors: red, yellow, green, blue, and pink, the Hut Hut Kids is a favorite with my two year old. Because Lulu’s to little to actually sit and rock on it, she likes to lean on or stand on top of this favorite piece of furniture/toy (with my help).

It’s bright color and star patterned seat makes it an easy design for adults to live with. Selected by Pitti Immagine Uomo as one of the top 20 products at the 2010 Salone Del Mobile, the Hut-Hut (giddy-up in camel speak) is also available in five FSC certified sustainable materials: bamboo, black locust, black walnut, cork and maple.Green Lullaby’s Cardboard Cradle – $111

I’ve seen a lot of cradles and eco-friendly cribs in my research, but I’ve never seen a cardboard cradle made from recycled and recyclable cardboard.

Ruth Kenan came up with the idea to create a soft cradle for her baby and the planet while she was pregnant. Easy to assemble and take apart without any tools, the Cardboard Cradle is an ergonomic, light, sturdy, and foldable cardboard rocking crib. When flat, it’s easily transportable from one room to another and takes up little space.  The crib also meets all the European fire and safety requirements and comes with a mattress. Ingenious!

Mr. Kaliski’s Billy Rocker – $45

This eco-friendly rocker is made from recycled cardboard and  can be decorated and customized using whatever art supplies you have laying around the house plus a whole lot of imagination. With reversible sides, have twice the fun drawing a horse, motorcycle, or whatever your kid desires to ride on.

As seen in all the cool kids media (Design Mom, KidsHaus, Junior, Babyccino, and more), the Billy Rocker is recyclable when your child has outgrown it.  And like the Cardboard Cradle, it too can be flat packed.