Big Mac Daddy Birthday!

My spies at Paper Culture headquarters recently pinged to tell me that our very own CEO, Christoper Wu, had declared his upcoming birthday wish to be able to celebrate his special day at McDonald’s. I was confused. Why McDonald’s? Why now? So I asked Chris a few questions inquiring minds want to know:

PC: When was the last time you attended a McDonald’s birthday party?

CW: In my mind, I attend one every birthday – but in reality, it has been a lifelong dream never fulfilled until this birthday.

PC: What’s your favorite childhood memory and did you recreate it?

CW: When mom was away, dad’s form of cooking was to take me to McDonalds – not to say that I looked forward to mom leaving, but…

PC: Grimace or Hamburglar? Why?

CW: Grimace – because my tummy these days looks like his! (and besides, I think Barney is a Grimace rip off)!

PC: Was there ever a Happy Meal prize you coveted? Do you still have any Happy Meal toys from your childhood?

CW: Well, only a few years ago, I kept going to McDonalds in search of the perfect engagement ring – but alas, there was a streak of toy cars and rocket ships and no rings – so instead I ended up resorting to the boring stereotype – my wife’s loss!

As a child, I’d attended several parties at the golden arches. And as an immigrant, I understand the allure in wishing for a birthday party at the fast food institution because I was rarely allowed to eat there. I can see why Chris was lovin’ it!

Happy Birthday, Chris! I wish you get to be a big kid for more days this year!