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Reckless or Worthy of a Rad Dad Award?

Michael Roth image courtesy of AP

About a week ago, a South Carolina car salesman made the news when his son, Michael Roth, a college baseball pitcher tweeted, “How’s this for dedication? My dad had to quit his job to make it out to Omaha. Couldn’t get here last year. #novacationdays” announcing that his father, David Roth had given notice to his work, to follow Michael to the College World Series. Michael pitched a winning game against Texas A&M on Father’s Day and they will share this memory, forever, together.

It made me think about the hard decisions and sacrifices parents have to make for their children. While making small sacrifices seems reasonable (like saving up for college or driving kids to practices and games), do you think, in the same position, you would have done something as impressive and dramatic for your child? [read more]

Three Eco-Friendly Things That Rock!

We have a few objects in our home that rock. I mean, rock!!! But only one of them is eco-friendly. So I researched sustainable movers and shakers to share with you. These rock and roll pieces are lovely additions to any home and are kind to our planet:

Kalon Studio’s Hut-Hut Kids Resin – $125

Made from 100% recycled sustainable resin in five eye-popping colors: red, yellow, green, blue, and pink, the Hut Hut Kids is a favorite with my two year old. Because Lulu’s to little to actually sit and rock on it, she likes to lean on or stand on top of this favorite piece of furniture/toy (with my help).

It’s bright color and star patterned seat makes it an easy design for adults to live with. Selected by Pitti Immagine Uomo as one of the top 20 products at the 2010 Salone Del Mobile, the Hut-Hut (giddy-up in camel speak) is also available in five FSC certified sustainable materials: bamboo, black locust, black walnut, cork and maple. [read more]

Big Mac Daddy Birthday!

My spies at Paper Culture headquarters recently pinged to tell me that our very own CEO, Christoper Wu, had declared his upcoming birthday wish to be able to celebrate his special day at McDonald’s. I was confused. Why McDonald’s? Why now? So I asked Chris a few questions inquiring minds want to know:

PC: When was the last time you attended a McDonald’s birthday party?

CW: In my mind, I attend one every birthday – but in reality, it has been a lifelong dream never fulfilled until this birthday.

PC: What’s your favorite childhood memory and did you recreate it?

CW: When mom was away, dad’s form of cooking was to take me to McDonalds – not to say that I looked forward to mom leaving, but…

PC: Grimace or Hamburglar? Why?

CW: Grimace – because my tummy these days looks like his! (and besides, I think Barney is a Grimace rip off)! [read more]

Happy (Almost) Father’s Day!

Once upon a time, there was another family member who laughed at the noises his own body made who was also totally adorable. And then life moved forward and he became the father of your child. In a few days we’ll be celebrating his very being for Father’s Day and I wanted to share with you, some of the best gifts, papas I know recently received that cost a little but meant a lot.

To all the rad dads out there, this one’s for you, Happy Father’s Day!

My friend Ed believes the “… the art from my kids still is the best but the smallest thing I refer to constantly is my Weber grilling cookbook. [It’s] very suburban of me but I always check it for recipes and especially cooking times for different cuts of meat.” Handmade gifts are truly original and thoughtful and a fun and crafty way for a parent and child to spend time together. I wouldn’t have immediately thought to purchase dad a cookbook, but I guess, one related to barbecues (and the foods he enjoys) makes a pretty nifty gift.

[read more]

Funny Fathers!

With Father’s Day right around the bend, this week’s posts will be dedicated to all the rad dads and soon-to-be-fathers out there. One of the things I remember fondly about my dad was his ability to make me laugh at all times. Even when times were tough! And I truly loved laughing with him. I found these videos of fathers and their families (many I’m sure you’ve already seen) and hope they bring a smile or belly laugh to you too:

The joy in all these videos is infectious. And I think it’s so sweet that the children and dads are laughing at the simplest things. I only wish we could have so much fun with our fathers every day!

The Graduate: An Interview With Tessa

Now that I’m nearing 40 (the age I determined was “old” when I was three decades younger), I’m not around as many young adults as I’d like to be. Most of my friends have only just started their families so most of the kids I know are tweens or younger.

TessaEnter Tessa. My beautiful “adopted” niece. Or cousin. I’m not really sure. We’re not blood, but by all means, we are family. I met Tessa when she was two years old. And  she’s about to embark on a journey most consider to be the first foray into adulthood. Tessa is going to graduate from high school very soon and I can’t believe it! I remember the hours I spent dalmatian role-playing with her like it was only yesterday (don’t worry, Tess, I’m going to stop reminiscing here so as not to embarrass you on the Internets)! [read more]

Printed Matter… Art for Everyone!

If you’re like me, you wish you could make a gift but probably end up buying something instead due to time and skill constraints. And in today’s economy, nobody wants to waste hard earned dollars on the same old boring bounty .

When an occasion arises that requires a present (wedding, shower, birthday) I like to turn to my friend, Jen Bekman’s 20 x 200 for unique gift choices. At least two new editions are introduced weekly (one photo and one work on paper) and most are available in multiple sizes (and priced accordingly). Every print is also delivered with a signed, numbered certificate of authenticity along with the artist’s bio and statement. [read more]

Pinterest Has Got My Interest

Warning: Do not read the following post unless you’ve got hours ahead to spare.

Remember how back in the day you’d get lost in the eBay black hole? And how years later you replaced eBay with Facebook? Well… let’s just say, I’ve replaced all the above for my new online amour, Pinterest, a virtual pinboard and “a place to catalog the things you love”. Or as I like to call it, My Favorite New Time Suck!

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