Whatcha Reading?

My nearly two-year-old kid, Lulu is cuckoo for books (as I presume all kids are at this age). We religiously read together, throughout the day, but especially at night before bedtime. So it got me wondering… how many books do we actually read daily? Yesterday, I decided to make a list of the books Lulu chose for us to read to her, to share with you. Enjoy:

1. Toad is the Uncle of Heaven – I didn’t think I’d read this book to Lulu for awhile because it’s far beyond her years and the illustrations are a little scary, but she loves it. The Vietnamese folktale is about a toad and his friends who travel to a far off place to ask the King of Heaven for rain. Lulu enjoys the noises I make for the fight scenes (admittedly, it is very exciting).

2. Madeline Says Merci – Hands down, Lulu’s favorite book at the moment. She loves to shake my hand. Point out the bad or crying kids and especially loves the “I’m Sorry” section. I read this book to her at least three times a day and am certain, she is actually learning manners from it!

3. Where’s My Sweetie Pie – Lulu loves flap books. The illustrations are adorable and engaging and who doesn’t love staring at themselves in a cheap aluminum mirror at the end of every book?

4. From Head to Toe – This is my favorite Eric Carle book. It’s surprisingly silly and we always have fun doing whatever the animals are doing. I especially enjoy kicking my legs and braying like a donkey (don’t you dare call me an a**)! This book is interactive and gets us up and moving.

5. My First Colors: Let’s Learn Them All! – It’s a good thing Lulu can’t read yet because she’d kill me for telling you this, but My First Colors is her favorite book to read while she’s on the potty… trying to poop. Finding objects on every page allows her to forget about the task at hand (or butt) and so it makes the job easier for everyone involved.

6. Animal Homes (Inside Guides) – This hand-me-down book is crazy super scientific and so real, some of the creepy crawlies profiled make me flinch. But I put on my brave face and review every exquisite detail with Lulu, explaining to her how bird’s nests are built, what lives in a tide pool and what’s buried under the sand.

7. Au Galop – Reading this book is like watching an old movie. It keeps Lulu’s attention as she flaps the pages back and forth to see the animals move on paper. I try my best to make authentic French-animal noises for her when reading this because I actually know the difference between “cocorico” and “cock-a-doodle-doo”!

8. The Runaway Bunny – This book is about a boy who keeps trying to runaway from his mom, but his mom insists on being wherever he is, so in the end, the boy gives up and just stays with his mom. Uh, hello… sound like any parents we know?! Haha. Seriously though, you’re going to love the trippy art and story. We do!

9. My Big Truck Book – Lulu is utterly fascinated by anything big and on wheels these days. She especially loves fire trucks because of their sirens and garbage trucks because of how they rumble through the neighborhood. This is the definitive compendium of trucks that go beep beep!

Well, that’s the list of what we read yesterday. Some we read multiple times and others we rushed through. Reading time is definitely one of my favorite times. Speaking of… what are you reading to your kids today? I’d love to add a few new books to Lulu’s library and am always looking for other parents’ faves (thanks in advance)!