I Survived The Rapture and All I Got Was This Lousy Post!

A Bucket full of CloudsA bucket full of clouds by Ennor

Hello, Monday. Hello, World.

If you’re reading this, high five! You survived “The Rapture”… not that you didn’t think otherwise, but hey, here we are.

Since Doomsday did not happen, I propose you share with me printable items from your bucket list. Did you do anything you’ve been meaning to for awhile? What did you do on your supposed last day on Earth? Did you jump out of an airplane (I’ve done this twice and highly recommend it)? Or did you go to your garden and see how many tomatoes you could stuff in your mouth at once? Maybe you went surfing and caught some killer waves. I’m curious to know, anyone cross anything off their bucket list for the End of Times? What exactly is on your bucket list?! Do tell!