1,000,000 Trees (say that like Mini-Me would for better effect)

With my CEO hat on, a lot of my day is spent on stuff that just needs to get done (can you say taxes?!?). But in every day, there are those moments that really make me step back and realize what a fantastic job I have. This is one of those moments.

Paper Culture: Planting 1 Million Trees

Paper Culture Will Plant 1 Million Trees

I’ve told the story before about how sustainability was a central pillar in how we as the founders of Paper Culture wanted to build our business from Day 1. We’ve made some bigger commitments like always printing exclusively on 100% post consumer recycled paper. But we’ve done the smaller things as well, from choosing an office that is walking distance to major public transport to offsetting our carbon footprint. But of all of our initiatives, my favorite one is that we plant a tree in one of our nation’s forests with every Paper Culture order.
Today, we are extending that commitment and pledging to plant 1,000,000 trees by 2020. We’re a small company, so for us, it’s a huge commitment. It won’t happen overnight. Heck, it won’t happen even in the next year or two – but in some sense, that’s the point. We wanted to do something that wasn’t just about Earth Day 2011 or just about a press release, we wanted to do something that would require sustained focus and our team really rallied around this goal.

To kick start this effort, for the next 2 weeks (until April 30, 2011), we will be planting a tree for every new Facebook fan. Just “Like” our fanpage (www.facebook.com/paperculture) and we’ll plant a tree for you. If you’re already a fan, we’ll plant a tree if you fill out a tree dedication form. It’s that simple. No strings attached. No purchase required. No email signup. Notta.

In addition, starting today, when you make your purchase, we’ll give you the opportunity to dedicate a tree. We’ll create a permanent page for your dedication and our designers and illustrators have donated their artwork to help spruce up your dedication with some fantastic tree illustrations.

All of this is incredibly important to us, even more than most, because we understand that our business truly is about trees. In some sense that’s why we use only 100% post consumer recycled paper because it means that no new trees are cut down to produce our cards and with our Cards to Trees prorgram, your cards literally plant trees. But beyond the small world that is Paper Culture, we’ve probably all learned in grade school how important trees are for our well being – but the one or two lessons we learned about trees absorbing carbon and emitting oxygen are really only the tip of the iceberg. Trees’ true importance really cannot be overstated. I encourage you to check out our Cards to Trees page where we’ve accumulated some amazing facts about trees and the good they do.

With both Earth Day 2011 (April 22, 2011) and Arbor Day 2011 (April 29, 2011) quickly approaching, I can’t think of a more appropriate time to announce our commitment. I hope you join us in our quest to plant 1,000,000 trees. And remember, for the next 2 weeks, we’ll plant a tree for every new Facebook Fan, so plant away.