Japan Relief, Most Inspirational Messages Chosen

Quite simply: thank you.

Thank you for supporting Paper Culture’s efforts to raise money for Japan Relief through our donation of all of the proceeds of our Easter Cards this year.

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Paper Culture Donates 100% of Easter Proceeds to Japan Relief

But moreso, thanks for your words of inspiration. Your posts moved from empathy to hope, from sorrow to words of encouragement. While undoubtedly economic assistance will help, I firmly believe it’s the power of the human spirit that really is the most important path to recovery – and your posts really embody that.

As the CEO and co-founder, I’m proud that Paper Culture has such a eloquent and vibrant community. As a citizen of the world, I’m hopeful that we are but a microcosm of the support the Japanese people will receive. Especially as the tragedy falls off the daily front pages as it inevitably will (as the tragedy in Haiti did last year), we should also recognize that the support will be even more needed then. Let’s make sure we don’t forget.

Our two $50 Paper Culture voucher recipients are:

Carl Mizell with the most community votes who said: “Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Never give up hope. Time will help heal even though scars may remain. This is the time for all people and countries around the world to come together in peace to help support you and help rebuild your lives.”

and, our Paper Culture team’s choice is

Lora Fukuda: “The world watched as the devastation unfolded… And what we saw was this: strangers carrying wounded neighbors on their backs through waist-deep waters, lines of people waiting to buy supplies but taking only what they needed so everyone would get something, workers evacuating coworkers from a nuclear plant ready to explode and then staying behind to do what they could, stores and restaurants opening their doors to anyone who couldn’t get home and offering food, shelter, and phones… and an international community that wanted to give back to a country that has so often been among the first responders when tragedy has struck on our own homelands. So in such dark days, we saw what compassion and bravery and patriotism are about. And like the incredible story of the Japanese dog that wouldn’t leave his wounded friend, we will not leave until we know you are back on your feet.”

Please contact us at [email protected] to receive your vouchers.

Thanks again to everyone who participated for such an inspirational set of posts.