Me and Baby B: The Birth Announcement

Welcome to the official birth announcement for a series I’m calling “Me and Baby B”.  As for the “me” part, I’m, Christopher Wu, the CEO and co-founder of Paper Culture. Baby B is my precocious almost 3 year old daughter.  No, her name isn’t actually B, but you know, we live in a strange world and my wife only agreed to let me write this series if I left out some of the exact details.

Christopher Wu and Baby B

Me and Baby B

So, why a series? Well, Baby B and Paper Culture are inextricably linked. When my wife (who is our house’s resident super hero) was pregnant with Baby B, she said, “you’re in charge of the birth announcements.” Truthfully, she was such a super hero that even when pregnant and working full time, she still did almost all of the prep for Baby B. I’m one of those type A folks, hate to be outdone and my wife was putting me to shame. So assigned my one task, I was determined to find some small redemption. She figured after years at Snapfish and at HP, I better know something about getting personalized photo products printed. Of course, I was only “in charge” in the sense that I was tasked with execution, because her edict came with some very specific instructions (for all of those with over achieving wives, you know how it is!). The essential criteria: modern design, 100% recycled and great feeling paper. And if I was going to have to address them myself, if you’ve ever seen my handwriting you’ll understand that simply wasn’t an option.  So, I added a criteria – I wanted somebody to send them on our behalf (yes, call it lazy – but I like to think about it as leveraging competitive advantage)! We looked around and to our surprise, there really wasn’t a service that offered all of those thing, and thus, Paper Culture was born.

So Baby B was really part of the Paper Culture inspiration. I say “part” because our other 3 co-founders (Creative Director, Huiling Chen; CTO, Armando Singer; and President, Anurag Mendhekar) have their own parts of the story which I’ll let them tell. But the other reason I’m writing this blog series is that Paper Culture is so much more to me than just creating great eco stationery, it’s about an opportunity on a daily basis to speak to you, the community of Paper Culture. As you can imagine, our community is full of parents, and as a first time parent, it’s a privilege for me to listen, learn and talk to the community on a regular basis. You’ve not only helped us hatch Paper Culture, but you’ve helped me learn to be a parent.

I hope “Me and Baby B” is just an extension of that daily conversation.