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The parenting lessons of Amy Chua & Hosni Mubarak (really!)

What could Amy Chua, the “Tiger Mom” of Yale and Wall Street Journal fame, and Hosni Mubarak, the recently overthrown President of Egypt, possibly have to teach Baby B?

Amy Chua Tiger Mom and Her Daughters from the Wall Street Journal

from the Wall Street Journal

Note: Usually, we’ll be tackling more light hearted, everyday topics, so please excuse the random politics interruption.
1. The Dictator Angle
Amy Chua’s advocacy of banning playdates, sleepovers and television in pursuit of “straight A’s” and former President Mubarak’s 30 year reign with iron-fisted control of the media and daily life are simply two forms of dictatorship: one in the house and one of a country. But the singular lesson is that the power of “the individual” is an overwhelming force too strong to suppress, whether it’s the democratic movement of a country or the individuality of a child manifesting itself. So even if I wanted to subscribe to Amy Chua’s household dictatorship methods as Baby B’s father, it’s a fruitless exercise because Baby B is bound to prevail.
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Baby B’s 5 Must Have Baby Items – But the Poop Smell is Killing Us

One of our friends asked us, “After almost 3 years, what are the 5 baby items you couldn’t do without?” I said: “I’ll have to think about the top 5 baby items, but I’ll tell you one thing we haven’t figured out – the poop smell is killing us.”

But before I regale with my poop anguish, I did think about what our Top 5 list would be. It’s not the coolest or most original list, it’s just the ones that really stood out for me.
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Me and Baby B: The Birth Announcement

Welcome to the official birth announcement for a series I’m calling “Me and Baby B”.  As for the “me” part, I’m, Christopher Wu, the CEO and co-founder of Paper Culture. Baby B is my precocious almost 3 year old daughter.  No, her name isn’t actually B, but you know, we live in a strange world and my wife only agreed to let me write this series if I left out some of the exact details.

Christopher Wu and Baby B

Me and Baby B

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Chinese New Year – Year of the Rabbit Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who participated in our quick Chinese New Year, Year of the Rabbit Facebook contest. Always nice to have a little fun.
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