The Guncles and Dr. Gabe on Paper Culture Stationery

Celebrity dads

How could anyone not have loved watching Scout Masterson and Bill Horn (aka “The Guncles”) as they shared their commitment and their journey towards parenthood in “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood?”

Their story and beautiful daughter Simone Lynn Masterson-Horn are a Hollywood fairy tale. So I was thrilled to hear that they “love” Paper Culture’s stationery and note cards.

And while I love fairy tales, I also love health nuts. Dr. Gabe makes taking care of yourself not only digestible, but fun! From why sugared drinks cause weight game to explaining how vaccines work, The Dr. Gabe Mirkin Show makes any health topic an interesting read — or live-streamlisten.

So what could a well-known physician possibly have to say about Paper Culture stationery and note cards? “You’ve covered all the bases with this one! Your stationery is a top shelf product and has great utility for our planet! Earth thanks you!”