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The Guncles and Dr. Gabe on Paper Culture Stationery

Celebrity dads

How could anyone not have loved watching Scout Masterson and Bill Horn (aka “The Guncles”) as they shared their commitment and their journey towards parenthood in “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood?”

Their story and beautiful daughter Simone Lynn Masterson-Horn are a Hollywood fairy tale. So I was thrilled to hear that they “love” Paper Culture’s stationery and note cards.
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Sneak Peak: Paper Culture’s Professional Photographer Program

Photo announcements

Are you a professional photographer that loves Paper Culture? Then I’ve got great news for you! Paper Culture will be launching a Professional Photographer program that will allow you to create luxe, eco-friendly photo announcements, holiday photo cards and photo stationery for your clients — all with a professional discount. The program will also offer other great perks, such as photographer sample packs and having your photography studio and/or logo listed on the back of the card.
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Kali Rocha and Catherine Bell on Paper Culture Stationery

Celebrity stationery picks

Kali Rocha’s role as the flight attendant who had a humorous fight with Ben Stiller‘s character at the airport in the 2000 hit comedy Meet The Parents has a special place in my heart: it was that year that I brought my now husband home to meet my parents for the first time. That movie provided perspective to make an otherwise very stressful experience a very funny one. Years later, I was happy to see Rocha play the resident surgeon, Dr. Sydney Heron, at Seattle Grace Hospital in one of favorite shows, Grey’s Anatomy.
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Ten Tips for Planning a Great New Year’s Eve Party

New Year's Party Invitation

I’ve never been one to wait in long line-ups, particularly on New Year’s Eve. Instead, I opt to bring my close friends to our house. All it takes to throw a great New Year’s Eve party is the right attitude and a little organization, which starts with getting your holiday party invitations out in a timely manner. [read more]