Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

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If one word could express my awe at the comments of gratitude shared on our Facebook Page, it would be “wow.” Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the hundreds of you who shared what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving. From the health of yourselves and your families to having loved ones home who are otherwise deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, your comments are moving, meaningful and often times, downright inspiring.

Nicole’s comment “I am thankfull that there are all these posts about people being thankful, especially after all the horrible stuff we see every day in the media,” also touched home!

And now the winners…

The first $200 voucher with 72 likes goes to Marin Sevy who is “Thankful for my wonderful fiance and this exciting time in our lives!! And thankful for the support of all our wonderful family and friends!”

The second $200 voucher goes to Tiffany Nething who shares this: “I am thankful for the basics that make family and friends possible: clean water (which not everyone has), clean air (which can be hard to come by now a days) and nutrient soil around the globe, which grows all the food necessary for us all. I’ll spend my Thanksgiving being grateful for the basics of life, which not everyone has, sadly… prayers to a healthier world as time continues on.”

Thank you all again for sharing and reminding us that we all have many reasons to be thankful. We hope you share your words of gratitude throughout the holidays, which can easily be done on the back of our holiday photo cards with a personalized message.

Winners, please contact us at with your Facebook ID’s and we’ll send you the $200 eVoucher.