Ever Carradine & Diane Farr: Inspired by Paper Culture Stationery

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Ever Carradine Picks Paper Culture Stationery

Admit it: we’ve all listened to Loveline at some point or other. Even through those ebbs and flows when I didn’t necessarily need relationship advice, I still loved tuning-in to get Diane Farr’s perspective. I also find it equally cool that she was able to transition from relationship expert to crime expert as FBI agent Megan Reeves in Numb3rs.

Another thing Diane’s a bona fide expert with? Choosing stationery! So I’m thrilled to hear that she’s not only a Paper Culture fan, but that our note cards have inspired her! “Am I the first customer who was so inspired by your beautiful design that I wanted to paint it on a wall in my house? Oh my, you have done well. I love your style and your commitment to trees!”

Getting ready to leave work last night, I read through one more note and realized that the well-rounded actress Ever Carradine, whose credits include The Right Stuff, Lucky, 24 and Eureka, also share the love of Scrabble. I’m feeling like we have a special bond.

And it sounds like we also have something else in common: an obsession with Paper Culture: “It’s safe to say that I’m completely obsessed with Paper Culture! I use them for my personal stationery, my daughter’s stationery, her birth announcements and I even got my husband’s business stationery from Paper Culture. I’m now counting the days until Christmas so that I can order our holiday cards!”