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Paper Culture Fan Annabeth Gish

Paper Culture Celebrity Fans: Annabeth Gish

Annabeth Gish has  a long line of movie credits, including Wyatt Earp starring Kevin Costner, the girlfriend Tracey in Beautiful Girls, as well as Susan Sparks in the movie adaptation of DC Comics superhero Steel.

But in addition to knowing how to pick her roles on screen, she knows how to pick personalized note cards and stationery, which includes one of my favorites – the XOXO Flower Stationery in orange and red.

This was what she had to say about it when she received it: “I just opened my box of stationery! I have been out of town and just now got my hands on the fabulous Paper Culture product! Thank you very much! It’s gorgeous and happy! I’ll use it with joy!”

Stay tuned…she is planning to order her holiday photo cards from Paper Culture too!

celebrity personal thank you notes

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

holiday photo cards

If one word could express my awe at the comments of gratitude shared on our Facebook Page, it would be “wow.” Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the hundreds of you who shared what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving. From the health of yourselves and your families to having loved ones home who are otherwise deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, your comments are moving, meaningful and often times, downright inspiring.
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And the Winner of the Holiday Photo Contest is….

…”Peace out Homie!”

Thank you to all who submitted photo entries for the EcoMom/Paper Culture “Homely for the Holidays” photo contest and to the wonderful kids who gave us such great poses! It would have been impossible for us to select a winner as each photo has its unique elements of silliness – just as each child does. So thank you to all who also participated in the voting process.

And the drumroll please……
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Ever Carradine & Diane Farr: Inspired by Paper Culture Stationery

Celebrity Stationery Picks

Ever Carradine Picks Paper Culture Stationery

Admit it: we’ve all listened to Loveline at some point or other. Even through those ebbs and flows when I didn’t necessarily need relationship advice, I still loved tuning-in to get Diane Farr’s perspective. I also find it equally cool that she was able to transition from relationship expert to crime expert as FBI agent Megan Reeves in Numb3rs.

Another thing Diane’s a bona fide expert with? Choosing stationery! So I’m thrilled to hear that she’s not only a Paper Culture fan, but that our note cards have inspired her! “Am I the first customer who was so inspired by your beautiful design that I wanted to paint it on a wall in my house? Oh my, you have done well. I love your style and your commitment to trees!”

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Exclusive Holiday Cards Benefitting Healthy Child Healthy World

Exclusive holiday photo cards

Exclusive holiday card designs benefitting Healthy Child Healthy World

As parents, it is overwhelming just keeping up with the day-to-day. It’s a feat in our household when I’ve remembered to get permission slips signed, put library books and a healthy lunch in my childrens’ backpacks and then make it to the school bus…on time.  So when it comes to keeping up on all the latest news on toxins in our homes, safety recalls, much less trying to discern all those misleading labels, I’d throw my hands in the air if it weren’t for organizations like Healthy Child Healthy World.

This is why I’m thrilled that were supporting Healthy Child Healthy World as part of our Cards That Care program, where we are donating 100 percent of the sales proceeds of these exclusive holiday cards, inspired by the organization’s Five Easy Steps. The card Icons From a Healthy Childhood, portrays icons representing eating healthy (apple), cleaning up indoor air (butterfly), using non-toxic products and recycling (recycle) and holiday peace (snowflake). Similarly, the card 5 Steps to a Healthier Home, reminds us that creating a healthy environment is not impossible if we 1) avoid pesticides, 2) use non-toxic products, 3) clean up indoor air, 4) eat healthy and 5) be wise with plastics. Thus, the name Five Easy Steps…

Not only do I love the designs of these cards, but they are meant to be a keepsake, reminding the recipient of simple ways to keep our homes healthy. Now that’s a gift – err, um card, I’ll keep!

Homely for the Holidays Photo Contest

You'z a talkin' zu meeee?

Cute pictures of kids and babies are a dime a dozen. In this holiday photo contest, we are looking for your worst photos! One you would never consider featuring in your holiday photo cards.

We know our kids are all just as cute as can be, but we all have those unflattering, unattractive, just plain terrible photos that make us crack up. Instead of burying them in the back of a box, EcoMom and Paper Culture encourage you to face those photos and bring the funny to the forefront–and win amazing prizes in the process!

Enter our Homely for the Holidays photo contest and you can win a $300 Paper Culture credit, $300 to start your holiday shopping at EcoMom, personalized photo advisory sessions with both a designer and professional photographer, and more.

Plus, the second and third place photos will receive a $50 credit at Paper Culture and a $50 credit at EcoMom–just in time to get your holiday cards going and start your shopping ahead of the game!

How it works:

  • You submit the most unflattering, awkward, cringe-inducing, or funny photo you can find that features kids. Submissions will be accepted from November 3 through midnight on November 9.
  • We will open up voting through November 16. Paper Culture and EcoMom will ask their communities to vote, and you can ask your friends and family to vote.
  • We will announce the Grand Prize winning photo, plus the 2nd and 3rd place winners on November 17.

The prizes:

  • The Grand Prize winner will receive: a $300 credit at Paper Culture to use for gorgeous, environmentally responsible photo holiday cards, a $300 credit at EcoMom, a personalized photography tutorial with renowned photographer Annie Robillard, a personal holiday card consultation with a Paper Culture designer, and a sweet Kikkerland photo mobile from EcoMom. You will also have your final card and photo featured on the EcoMom and Paper Culture websites! You can win ALL that just for sending in a BAD photo!
  • The second and third place winners will each receive a $50 credit at Paper Culture and a $50 credit at EcoMom.

Click here to submit now and encourage your friends and family to vote!

Photos should feature KIDS. They can be old or new (the 1970s fashions were not kind to many of us.) You must be the rightful owner of the photo and you must be a resident of the U.S.A. Limit one photo entry per person. Let us know if you have questions in the comments!

Paper Culture Unveils Its Fresh New Look

Paper Culture Redesign

If you are a regular Paper Culture customer, then you may have noticed that we just got a face lift! Thanks to the amazing creative team here, we have updated our site with a fresh new look, while making it easier to navigate.

While you’re checking out the site, be sure to peruse Paper Culture’s extensive new 2010 collection of  modern holiday cards that embodies the spirit of the season and the unique nature of each person. Our cards are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper and with every order you place, we plant a tree in your honor.

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of our free mail & message service.  Let us do all the hassle work of addressing and mailing your cards –all for just the price of the stamp!

Like all things new, there may be a few bugs or kinks to work out. So, if you see anything strange, please leave us a comment and we will be sure to fix it. Or, just let us know what you think.

Minnie Driver & Bree Turner: Paper Culture Converts

Bree TurnerNot only is Minnie Driver an accomplished actress and director (Circle of Friends, Good Will Hunting, The Phantom of the Opera) but she is one of the handful of down-to-earth Hollywood moms who puts family first. This scores high in my book. And while I love her real name Amelia, I also appreciate her choosing a nick name in childhood that rolls off the tongue, as I had to result to similar means in grade school. Who would not think twice about pronouncing Minnie?

All this said, it’s understandable why I’m especially appreciative that Minnie and her son, Henry, are Paper Culture fans: “Henry and I wrote all this birthday thank you’s using Paper Culture note cards. They are absolutely our favorite way to stay in touch.”

I was absolutely tickled when I realized that Minnie and Bree Turner, another strikingly elegant, versatile, self-possessed actress, shared more than Gerald Butler as a co-star. It turns out that Bree and her daughter Stella are also Paper Culture fans.

I particularly remember Bree in the mega-hit The Wedding Planner (2001) as a nervous
bride, alongside Jennifer Lopez (likely because I got married this same year!), but really noticed her in the recent RomCom, The Ugly Truth with Mr. “300” Butler. Bree tells us, “I’m officially now a Paper Culture convert. Chic, sweet and environmentally responsible, this company is creating the most charming designs. I’m in love.”

We’re smitten with both of these two lovely ladies here at Paper Culture.