Cuddly Bear

Premium 3/4 Inch Tri-Layered Bamboo
Each 100% bamboo panel measures 8.5" x 8.5" and is 3/4" thick, with lamination for protection and an Easy Hang hole

Come on, you can’t tell us this bear’s not cute?!? Yes, he’s had a few too many salmon from the stream, but boy are they yummy! If you have your own resident bear, represent them graphically on your wall with our cuddly bear. And in keeping with the Mother Nature theme, this print is mounted on 100% premium eco bamboo.

Wayne Ho
100% Tri-Layered Bamboo
  • Mini (5.4") $39.99
  • Medium (11.6") $89.99
  • Large (17.8") $199.99
Easy Hang:
Easily hang and center in minutes with pre-drilled hanging hole (see back view)
All Bamboo Art ships via Standard shipping for $8.99, for any quantity of Bamboo Art
Cuddly Bear Modern Bamboo Art - Blueberry Bear