Baby on Board

6" x 4.3" with rounded corners

Honk, honk! Baby on board! Time to give the typical “baby on board” stickers a mod facelift by placing it on these buggie cars. Whether you’re having a boy, a girl, twins or a surprise, feel free to customize your license plate accordingly! Your guests will be honking with glee for these luxe, 100% recycled baby shower invitations.

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Card Type:
Flat card, round corners. Free custom back option.
Card Size:
6 x 4.3 inches
130lb premium matte-feel 100% recycled paper
Premium 100% recycled envelopes included
Delivery Options:
Mailed For You
Free (pay only the stamps)
Shipped To You
$8.99 flat-rate (via Ground)
Price Per Card:

Tammy Sun

When I was young, I was the kid who scribbled outside the lines, drew pink elephants, and dreamt “impossible” dreams. Now that I’m older, I’m obliged to say that I’ve pretty much remained the same (albeit in a more grownup, artsy way). I’m still inspired by bold colors and strangely cute creatures – letting my imagination fly in the playground of my mind. It is with these influences that I choose to design – to find my artistic element in the intangible, the original, the abstract, the unreal.

Baby on Board Baby Shower Invitations - Bloomin