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A Gift Idea Fit for your Dad and the Earth

personalized wall decal

Here at Paper Culture, we love dads. They stick with us through thick and thin, laughter and tears (probably more than they would have preferred), and let’s face it, we just wouldn’t be who we are without them. As Father’s Day approaches, we’re all trying to find the perfect way to show dads just how much we appreciate them. And whether you’re a daddy’s girl or boy, photos are the best way to capture your favorite memories with the big guy.

Whether he’s a fellow film buff, a comic book nerd, or just a fan of the classics, our customizable photo wall decals are the perfect way to capture your most cherished memories together. And since they’re non-toxic, removable, and repositionable, you’ll be able to put them up anywhere from your family room to his man cave without using nails or tacks. Made from 100% recycled fabric and completely free of harmful vinyl, PVCs, and phthalates, these wall stickers will make the perfect, eco-friendly gift not only for Dad, but for Mother Nature, too.

Look below to find inspiration for a Father’s Day display that’ll be sure to make Dad smile.

Kitchen Coziness

Modern Wall Decal

We love how interior designer, blogger, and mom Emily Clark displayed a 16 sticker set of her family’s summer vacation on the kitchen fridge!

Divide and Conquer

Modern Wall Sticker

Amanda S. happened to come across this partitioned box at Goodwill and bought it on a whim. Her decals ended up fitting perfectly! You can easily recreate this look using a wooden desk organizer, or even by making your own divided box using cardboard or wood.

Recycle that Tie into a Gift for Dad

This weekend we celebrate father’s day, thanking dads everywhere for being such swell guys. Looking for a last minute gift? You can recycle any old tie into something useful with this handy guide courtesy of Ecouterre. Find the tackiest, most out-of-style tie and turn it into something useful. Ecouterre provides step-by-step directions for making an awesome new guitar strap, eyeglasses case, camera strap, cellphone case, and pillow.

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Barbecues: Inspiration of the Week

With the month of May wrapping up and June creeping around the corner, the smell of summer is in the air. What better way to welcome this sunshine-filled season than with barbecues! This week, we are inspired by (and totally salivating at) all things dedicated to the grill. Need other good reasons to throw down on the grill? Well, Father’s Day and graduations are coming up, so throw a memorable BBQ for the special dads and grads in your life. If you need an invitation for your barbecue, be sure to check out one of our favorites – an invitation with a modern take of the tools of the BBQ trade.

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Happy (Almost) Father’s Day!

Once upon a time, there was another family member who laughed at the noises his own body made who was also totally adorable. And then life moved forward and he became the father of your child. In a few days we’ll be celebrating his very being for Father’s Day and I wanted to share with you, some of the best gifts, papas I know recently received that cost a little but meant a lot.

To all the rad dads out there, this one’s for you, Happy Father’s Day!

My friend Ed believes the “… the art from my kids still is the best but the smallest thing I refer to constantly is my Weber grilling cookbook. [It’s] very suburban of me but I always check it for recipes and especially cooking times for different cuts of meat.” Handmade gifts are truly original and thoughtful and a fun and crafty way for a parent and child to spend time together. I wouldn’t have immediately thought to purchase dad a cookbook, but I guess, one related to barbecues (and the foods he enjoys) makes a pretty nifty gift.

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Funny Fathers!

With Father’s Day right around the bend, this week’s posts will be dedicated to all the rad dads and soon-to-be-fathers out there. One of the things I remember fondly about my dad was his ability to make me laugh at all times. Even when times were tough! And I truly loved laughing with him. I found these videos of fathers and their families (many I’m sure you’ve already seen) and hope they bring a smile or belly laugh to you too:

The joy in all these videos is infectious. And I think it’s so sweet that the children and dads are laughing at the simplest things. I only wish we could have so much fun with our fathers every day!